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Downsizing? How to Avoid a Family Feud

"Let your parents know what you need to know. “Remind them it will be easier for you to take care of whatever must be dealt with if they have discussed their estate plan with you,” says Hetzer. Ask about their wishes and their fears. Are they worried about family disharmony? Do they want to be involved in dividing the contents of the house? Do they have certain bequests? What would they most like to see happen? “One of the main, and most legitimate concerns that adult children have about their aging parents is that they will not be safe staying in their own homes... that they will fall, or have some kind of medical crisis that will precipitate a chain of events that is unpleasant or even dangerous for the older person, at a time when it is difficult or impossible for their children to help them through the crisis.” “Because going through this transition is stressful and also loaded with a certain kind of grief, tempers can be short,” Hulstrand says. “It’s not uncommon, even in families that are normally loving and serene, for sparks to fly and feelings to be hurt." Read the full article by Rachel Adelson at Huffington Post

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