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Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

U.S. News and World Report published the following article: Benefits of Downsizing Your Home Doing it right can reap lifestyle benefits. Highlights: "Much of it is wasted space. It's not unusual that families spend 80 percent of their lives in 20 percent of the house....." "Downsizing correctly. People who want to move should think about where they spend most of their time and not to get caught up in square footage. "Square footage is a number; a floor plan is a reality," "The key to a comfortable smaller home is making sure the kitchen and the adjoining room are large, open and bright, he says." "That's where we spend 80 percent of our waking hours or more," Parker says. "We don't use our master suite, or bedrooms. We eat in the kitchen, we do our homework in the kitchen. We argue in the kitchen." Read the full article in: U.S. News and World Report Author: Debbie Carlson

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