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We are a team of dedicated professionals from diverse service backgrounds committed to develop strategies in assisting our customers in moving to their new perfect, right size space.
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Transition Solutions Simplified

About Rightsize Strategies

At Rightsize Strategies, we take the anxiety, frustration and guess work out of downsizing your life. 

At Rightsize Strategies Inc., we are dedicated to help others and serve our community in all aspects of how we work.  We commit a portion of all sales earned to local charities, a charity of choice and faith centers in the name of a family, customer or departed loved one. 

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"It is difficult for a senior loved one to downsize and leave the place they’ve called home for many years.  The senior will have years’ worth of memories, milestones and experiences from that home, and there are emotional connections to physical items in the home as well as to the home itself.  We have to respect those connections and that process is important to us."

Helen Ranklin
Rightsize Strategies

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We are a proud service provider for SourcePoint

SourcePoint is Delaware County’s primary resource for professional expertise, services, and programs for adults who want to thrive after 55.

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Rightsize Service Plans

Concierge Downsize Services

Our Transition Specialists work with you to customize the right service plan to fit your needs. Our resources include a long list of third party service providers within the community; such as financial professionals, realtors, movers, painters, landscapers, and much more who work to assist with transition requirements.

We work to honor you and your family by listening to and addressing your concerns, guiding you through this unique season in your life, as well as creating and executing tailored solutions to meet and exceed your needs.  

Services include packing, picking up and/or moving/shipping/delivering items to loved ones, a new home, charities, auction houses, consignment stores, etc.

While we do the work, your time is free to do what is most important to you!

Bronze Program

Starting At $1500

  • Cleaning of Residence

  • Cable Box Return

  • Medical Equipment Pickup

  • Liaison with 3rd Party Contractors*

  • Consultation with Realtor(s)

  • Contract / Appointment with Movers*

  • Work with Auctioneers*

  • Work with Consignment Stores*

  • Charity Pickup Arrangements

  • Online Consignment / Auction*

  • Retail Consignment Sales*

  • Trash Disposal*

  • Provide Moving Supplies*

  • Home Sales: Specialized Home Staging*

  • Home Sales: Specialized Photography*

  • Shampoo Carpet Cleaning*

  • Window Cleaning*

      *Third Party Fees May Apply


Silver Program

Starting At $3000

Bronze Program Services Plus:

  • Packing Items For Movers*

  • Deliver Items to Local Family*

  • Supervise the Move

  • Unpack Into Assisted Living Facility

  • Reduced Realtor Commission*

  • Home Staging Using Existing Amenities

  • Sale of Home Photography

  • Make Arrangements with Inspectors for Real Estate Sale

  • Minor Repairs*

  • Landscaping Maintenance*

  • Facilitate Family Item Selection

  • Video Conference Family for Item Selection Process

  • Data Backup: Scan Family Photos*

  • Data Backup: Digitize Important Documents*

    *Third Party Fees May Apply

Moving Boxes

Gold Program

Starting At $5000

Silver Program Services Plus:

  • Clean New Local Residence

  • Unpacking Into the New Residence

  • Arrange Furniture in New Home

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Personalized Program

Customized Pricing

If the Bronze, Silver or Gold Programs do not provide the solutions that meet your needs, Rightsize Strategies will tailor a program that fits your individual requirements.

Call us today to set up an appointment.  

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Resource Material
and Consulting

Included with All Programs

Rightsize Strategies will provide you with both consulting and resource material to help you find a great place to live.  We have compiled a list of all types of facilities, including assisted living, nursing homes, and more.  

Reports include:

  • Amenities offered

  • Medical assistance provided

  • Pet, smoking, and alcohol restrictions

  • Payment Methods allowed such as Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran's Administration, etc

  • State & Federal Ratings of each facility

  • Much Much More.....

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At Rightsize Strategies, we’ve done all the research for you. We take on the burden involved with transitioning; tasks like selling a home, selling items, moving, locating a new residence, organizing, cleaning, packing, auctioning items, unpacking, digitizing photos and documents & much more.

Focus time on your regular day‐to-day activities, as we do the rest.

Eliminate all the daunting tasks of closing down a house as well as preparing a new home.  Those tasks are energy draining and stressful, so we do all that work for you.

Benefit from our one‐stop‐shop Rightsize Programs utilize industry resources at lower rates.

CareMovers Programs

Quick Move Programs

The CareMovers Programs are designed to fit the moving needs of a senior or senior’s family members.

The CareMovers Programs helps move items that a senior has from and to an assisted living, nursing or other similar care facility.  When a move is required, Rightsize Strategies works to facilitate the move in a timely manner, as well as provide great care in making sure the move is as stress free for the senior or family members as is possible. 

Call today for a free consultation!

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Transition Move

FROM:                     An Assisted Living / Nursing Home Facility                             
       TO:       A Different Assisted Living / Nursing Home Facility                               
Starting At $500

For Seniors who are transitioning from one local nursing or assisted living facility to another local location.

Provides Seniors, and their family members, with a stress free, one-stop-shop, low cost, smooth move between facilities.

Services Include: 
Consultation, Plan Creation, Organization of Items, Floor Plan Arrangement, Packing, Moving and Delivery 
from Local Facility to Local Facility.

Optional / Additional Cost Services:
Unpacking, Settling In / Organizing, Computer Backup, Computer Setup, and Electronics Setup

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In-House Move

FROM:                           An Assisted Living / Nursing Home Room                                               TO:               The Same Assisted Living / Nursing Home Facility, but a Different Room              Starting At $500

For Seniors who require an internal room relocation within the same assisted living or nursing home facility.

Empowers Seniors, who live in facilities that do not staff for internal moves, and care givers the ability to relocate within.  

Services Include: 
Consultation, Plan Creation, Organization of Items, Measurements of New Residence, Floor Plan Arrangement, Packing, Moving, and Delivery from Room to Room within the same facility.

Optional / Additional Cost Services:
Unpacking, Settling In / Organizing, Computer Backup, Computer Setup, and Electronics Setup

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Bereavement Move

Starting at $500

For Family Members whose loved one recently passed, who are required to empty items from a residence in a timely manner.

Alleviates the stress of having to deal with a loved one's possessions at a care facility during a time of grief.  Avoids the facility's penalties and additional fees that may incur as moves are made in a timely manner.

Services Include: 
Consultation, Next-Step Planning, Organization of Items, Packing, Moving, and Delivery from Local Facility to Local Family, Charities and/or Sales Sites such as Auction Facilities.

Optional / Additional Cost Services:
Organizing, Computer Backup, Computer Setup, Electronics Setup, Shipping to Non-Local Family Member or other group.

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Combination CareMove

Starting at $500

For bereavement situations involving a Surviving Spouse, a combination of the Transition Move or In-House Move, together with the Bereavement Move, we will work together to meet your needs or that of a loved one.


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